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AUSTIN (KXAN) — A search warrant for a home near the Austin Airport shows four residents arrested in connection with a deadly flight from Austin International Airport in 2013.

Michael Lott was a co-defendant who was arrested in connection to the murder of the pilot at 4:30 p.m. in 2014.

Lott is also accused of helping two other people in connection with the same crime. The third defendant is accused in connection to a fatal fire at a house south of the Airport on a February 2016 flight.

Austin police believe that a flight home from Austin International was hijacked by people from the area in late October 2016.

A search of the home turned up hundreds of packages. The home has a hangar in the back of the house which can be seen in this surveil바카라lance video.

On Sunday, Austin police announced the arrests of Michael H. Lott, 39, Paul Joseph Lott, 38, Joseph W. Lott, 38, and Scott T. Lott, 33. They’re now charged with conspiracy to commit aggravated murder with a firearm or explosive.

Austin police also said they obtained more than 500 weapons and hundreds of rounds of ammunition. The police say they plan to turn the evidence over to the Texas Attorney General’s office.

Investigators say an investigation began when they realized a passenger was reported killed during a flight to Austin on October 20, 2016. Investigators say the murder of the pilot sparked a conspiracy by a group of peopljarvees.come who wanted to sell or trade drugs as part of the drug trade at the time.

Police were looking for anyone in connection to t바카라사이트he suspected killing of a pilot.