PhotosEighteen-year-old Paul Rea was killed on the evening of 27 June 2019 when two deputies pulled over a car that allegedly ran a stop sign in East LA. Rea, who grew up nearby, was a passenger. The officers accused the driver of being high on marijuana and demanded he exit. The officers threatened to kill him if he didn’t comply, the driver told prosecutors.

My concern is about something else too, though: how the film is being used as a narrative weapon to promote San Sebastián’s enviable landscape, vibrant atmosphere and outstanding gastronomy, all of which will lure other big international events – film, jazz, food etc – which in turn keep fuelling the tourism juggernaut.

Although Pavlyuchenko and Defoe went close, Twente were the more positive team in the first-half but for all their offensive smartness, they did look vulnerable at the back. They were not the only ones. Tottenham failed to hurt them in the first-half but after the interval they made them pay. Douglas dithered when attempting to clear Bale’s cross and when the substitute Aaron Lennon picked up possession, he sent a marvellous reverse ball through for Defoe. Confronted by Boschker, Defoe’s clipped finish was lethal.

The livewire is the worst imaginable spectator and denied his professional currency of goals, he kicked his heels in frustration. Yet release finally came for him here, on the Netherlands’ eastern front, when he scored his first goals at club level since August. His composure when the opportunities knocked was as icy as the temperature here and it has given Tottenham a fillip as they look ahead to the turn of the season. With Defoe back in the team and firing, their hopes can soar.

Far from generating the expected prosperity, tourism may actually intensify what we call socio-spatial injustice. The marketing strategy being implemented in San Sebastián risks creating a vicious cycle of overtourism and downturn. The more it does to boost tourist numbers, the more overtourism threatens the authenticity of the space and thus downgrades the tourist experience. If the influx continues growing at the current pace, San Sebastián will be doomed to join a long list of destinations that are victims of their own success, such as Venice or Barcelona.

Ryan Twyman’s family has alleged similar harassment in Compton, teclado tfue amazon noting that at a family gathering on his birthday last month, deputies showed up outside their house and accused them of blocking the street: “My grandkids were in the house. Why did they have to do this?” said Tommy Twyman, Ryan’s mother.

The movie aligns with a branding strategy that seeks to turn San Sebastián into an attractive location for large-scale film and audiovisual projects. The Spanish public deserve more transparency than they are currently getting about the tax burden this implies. At the very least it looks sensible to ask for more information about the role of public funding in such vast productions.

The LA county sheriff in 2018 announced an investigation into the extent to which such cliques were still operating. The inquiry came after allegations that officers at the Compton station wore matching tattoos of a skeleton holding a rifle. An officer who fatally shot a Black resident during a pursuit, and was allegedly a member of the group, admitted that he had “ill-feelings” toward African Americans, though he later walked back this statement.

At first, everyone had doubts. The band members suspected that Owens’s vocal was so good it must be dubbed. On receiving a message to call the Priest management, Owens suspected a wind-up. Two days later, he was on a plane to England. After singing the first two verses of Victim of Changes, he was offered the job on the spot.

I’m hopeful that intuitive creativity will prevail. We’re on the precipice of a seismic time that could spell a permanent change in our industry. In the 1920s, waists dropped, hemlines rose and hair was shorn in a post-war reaction. In the 60s, hemlines rose further, ready-to-wear was born as a result of the Youthquake. In 2020, we have a generation of designers, stylists, photographers and creatives coming to the fore with a post-globalised, post-pandemic mentality. Values and aesthetics need to go hand in hand. Lateral thinking is required for when it comes to how the industry produces, showcase collections, and sell their vision to a public, whose appetite for fashion will have changed for ever. What we wear and how we buy, should – hopefully will – change to reflect a world that needs clothes to do more.

At the beginning of lockdown, Craig had said something to me that resonated as we navigated an uneasy period of time when we were concerned work opportunities would decrease because of our inability to travel and the downtime in the industry: “This is our time. While most industries are shutting down and trying to figure out how to work from home – working from home is what we do best. Don’t let fear immobilise your voice and talent.” From my days of starting my fashion blog Style Bubble back in 2006, being flexible and adaptable has been paramount to moving with audiences as they shifted their content consumption from the web to Twitter and Instagram and now to Tik Tok (I haven’t been brave enough to attempt a dance trend video, which is probably for the best). Although I’ve always focused on show coverage and spotlighting young designers, lockdown has also given me the opportunity to explore facets of my life that aren’t necessarily fashion-centric. Now that shows have taken on a digital form, I’d like to see them as an opportunity to create a more immediate sort of content.